New measures allow federal government to revoke passports of high-risk travellers

This is a laugh, the policies are already in place but MacIntosh had political help to come in and out of the country. Please sling your crap to people that don’t know any better. I am the director of the Sexual Abuse Network of Canada and know the FACTS about passport Canada and their policies.

Global News

Above watch: Federal Minister Peter Mackay was in Halifax today discussing the Prevention of Terrorist Travel Act, an act that has been met with criticism. Natasha Pace reports.

HALIFAX – The federal government has introduced measures that would allow it to cancel, refuse or revoke the passports of high-risk travellers.

Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced the introduction of the Prevention of Terrorist Travel Act and changes to the Canadian Passport Order in Halifax on Friday.

New amendments allow the government to cancel, refuse or revoke passports as a preventative measure against travellers who might be going abroad to engage in terrorism-related activity.

“It sends a signal that we’re not going to tolerate these violent activities or be a safe haven for terrorism or an exporter of terrorists,” MacKay said. “These changes will also ensure that Canada’s good name isn’t associated with the jihadist movement.

Besides terrorist activity, the government could also revoke or cancel a passport…

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